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Wealth Stewardship


Legacy is a road map for the future, a memorable and enduring imprint of life, or simply the implication that someone’s life has meaning.

At Wealth Management Group, we seek to assist families in this legacy building process by offering advice and referrals in the following four areas:

FAMILY HISTORY-Where do you come from?
Family traditions and history is telling stories. Whether conducting family interviews, converting old film to DVD’s, writing memoirs, or securely digitally store them in your WealthVison vault, we can help to start this process.

PERSONAL GOALS AND WISHES-What’s important to you?
Personal wishes and values involve defining your sense of purpose and drafting a roadmap for future generations. Learning to communicate these wishes is an important skill for passing values on to future generations.

PHILANTHROPY-How do you give back?
Family philanthropy includes giving back to the community, supporting causes you have a passion for and providing tools for teaching children and grandchildren family values. We can help give direction to families on these important issues.

SUCCESSION AND TRANSFER-Giving meaning to your life
Succession and transfer strategies leave a lasting impact on future generations and are created by your family vision. By using tools such as ’purposeful trusts’ families can hope to build their human and intellectual capital for many generations.